Our Church began in 1967 after South Perth Church of Christ (now called Lifestreams Church) felt the call to plant a church in the south east area of Perth. This  launched what was known as the "Armadale-Kelmscott Church of Christ". 

In 1971 our Church was released as its own autonomous organisation.

Over the years we have had many faithful leaders, elders, volunteers and members who have served and sown into the Church that we now call home. Our Church has always been known for its involvement in the local community, through advocacy, meeting physical, emotional, social and spiritual need. This continues to be a key value in our Church.

On 1 January 2017 Kelmscott Church of Christ started a new chapter in its history by becoming "New Spring Church".



1920 - 1970

  • The first Armadale Church of Christ commences in 1926
  • Foundation stone for the original church building can be seen on the Masonic hall on Church Road Armadale
  • Ownership of the property transferred from the Churches of Christ brotherhood to the Masonic Lodge
  • Shift in population from the Armadale due the depression caused a decrease in members numbers and consequent shutting down of the church.
  • 1966 South Perth Church of Christ accepts the challenge of missionary outreach in the South East region
  • 1967 Commencement of the Armadale-Kelmscott Church of Christ
  • 1967 A property on Parker Avenue becomes available
  • 1968 First communion service is held under the leadership of Mr. George Wood


1970 - 1980

  • 1971 Church grows and is released as an autonomous organisation
  • 1971 Mr Norm Kingston is appointed Senior Pastor
  • More church growth renders the property on Parker Avenue too small a venue for church meetings


1980 - 1997

  • 1980 Pastor Des Nelson is appointed Senior Pastor
  • 1980 Members of the church congregation buy the surrounding lots, demolishing the original house and constructing a new chapel
  • The church congregation meet at Lesser Hall whilst the new chapel is being built
  • May 1981 the new church building is opened
  • Church changes its name to Kelmscott Church of Christ
  • The church flourishes in the area resulting in the commencement of 2 communion services on Sunday mornings
  • The growth of the church is assisted by the amalgamation of another church named Kelmscott Christians who met in the local scout hall in Kelmscott
  • 1985 Pastor Des Nelson and one of the church elders travel to Korea to listen to the ministry of Dr. Paul Yongi Cho. After being challenged in the area of spiritual gifts and their use today, the church slowly moved into the teaching and use of the gifts of the Spirit.
  • 1986 The change in direction of teaching on gifts of the Spirit causes as a split in the church.
  • The church purchases a property on Albany Highway near Ottaway Avenue, but after discovering it was not an appropriate site, decide to sell the newly acquired land and the church body meet at Cecil Andrews High School until a plot of land on Lake Road is purchased
  • Over the next few years the church works hard to design and build the current church building
  • 1991 The church relocates to current church building on Lake Road
  • 1996 Pastor Des Nelson is diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and sadly preaches his last sermon in December of that year
  • 1997 Pastor Des Nelson passes away in March
  • In the interim Pastor Steve Hall steps into the breach in the absence of the Senior Pastor

1998 - 2000

  • March 1998 Gary Hamilton is appointed to the position of Senior Pastor
  • Pastor Steve Hall is called to the position of Senior Pastor at Kalamunda Church of Christ
  • Under the leadership of Gary Hamilton, the community services arm of the church is strengthened with the opening of two community shops and commencement of other community activities.
  • Church changes its name to Crossways Church of Christ
  • December 2000 Gary Hamilton resigns from the position of Senior Pastor
  • Fred Anderson conducts an interim ministry whilst the search for a replacement pastor occurs

2001 - 2004

  • Sept 2001 Rick Ladyman is appointed as Senior Pastor
  • June 27th 2004 Rick Ladyman concludes his ministry as Senior Pastor
  • During the ministry of Rick Ladyman the church changes its name back to Kelmscott Church of Christ
  • The community services arm of the church continues under the name of Crossways Community Services.


2004 - 2011

  • 18th September 2005 Pastor Josh Moyo is appointed Senior Pastor



  • On 21 May 2012 Dave Ryder was appointed as Senior Pastor of Kelmscott Church of Christ.
  • On 1 January 2017 we start a new chapter as NEW SPRING CHURCH